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Thinking Outside The Little Cushioned Box: Choosing a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

While the traditional diamond is certainly the norm for brides in the United States, many women have voiced their preference for a color other than colorless.

A Royal Preference: British royalty have frequently chosen stones other than diamonds to crown their engagement rings. Colored gemstones are unique and unexpected—different from the default colorless diamond. Many of these stones also hold biblical, historical, and legendary significance.

Looking For Something Different? If you’re considering stepping outside the traditional diamond default, consider a black diamond. For the bride who seeks a bold, mesmerizing stone, the lustrous black diamond is an unmistakable choice. Elegant and classy, the black diamond is also modern and fashionable. Your black diamond engagement ring will captivate and delight you for years to come.

Where Does the Black Diamond Get Its Shocking Color? While some black diamonds are found in nature, today, advances in jewelry technology allow for the production of black diamonds by means of ultra-high heat treatment or irradiation. These treatments alter the color of the stone permanently, giving it that deep, shiny, onyx-like quality.

Why Choose a Black Diamond Engagement Ring?

Style: The black diamond blends classic elegance with modern flair. A black diamond will appeal to the urban fashionista who keeps herself on the cutting edge of style, yet the stone is not so trendy that it will quickly pass out of style. Choosing a black diamond in a solid, traditional setting, like the ones show here, ensures timeless charm and appeal.

Value: Part of what accounts for the high price of traditional white diamonds is their color. Which is to say, the more colorless the diamond, the greater the value. Because black diamonds are often created from diamonds that naturally bore some shade of color, it is possible to obtain them for a much lower price. This value factor allows you to purchase a larger stone without the large price tag.

Singularity: Think about the last time you saw a black diamond on a friend’s ring finger. Maybe never? A black diamond engagement ring offers you a treasure that is truly unique and individual. Colorless diamonds are beautiful, but they’re widespread. Black diamonds let you express your exotic elegance.

Our Black Diamond Best-Sellers and Favorites:

Two-Carat Black and White Three Stone Diamond Ring. (Above left) This three-stone ring blends the best of the traditional and the innovative. With a one-carat black diamond crowning the center of the ring, it is flanked on each side by ½ carat colorless diamonds for a total of two carats. This stunning ring is set in 14k white gold and is certain to satisfy your taste for non-traditional beauty and luxury.

One-Carat Art Deco Black Diamond Ring. (above right) One of our most popular engagement rings when set with a white diamond, this art deco setting is even more exciting when it holds a 1 carat black diamond. This ring is a favorite among brides for its sweet setting and clear value. Its also available with ½ carat and ¼ carat black diamonds.

One-Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring. (Right) For simple, timeless elegance and traditional style, nothing tops the solitaire. This ring is the clear choice for the bride who seeks an uncomplicated, yet no less beautiful ring. Set in 14k white gold, this ring can also be purchased with a two-carat black diamond.


To view the entire selection of Apples of Gold black diamond jewelry, click here.

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