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10K Gold Wedding Bands

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You’ve chosen to seal your commitment to one another with traditional wedding vows…it’s time to select the wedding ring that will symbolize that unbreakable bond between you. Your love, like the emblematic circle of a wedding band, is never ending. While there are many wedding ring designs on the market ranging from vintage to contemporary, you don’t need ornamental vines and flowers to express your love. Your love is pure, shining gold, classic and timeless. Your special devotion needs a 10K gold plain wedding band to express that love in tangible form. Read more.

No ornate engravings or gemstones will distract from your purity of purpose….a true love with a strong foundation of shared traditional values. Just as you find beauty in the simplicity of sunlight on a winter’s morning, the soft rhythm of rain on the roof or your beloved’s smile, the loveliest and finest things in life are breathtaking on their own. The warm, burnished shimmer of a genuine 10K gold plain wedding band captures the joy of your romance in an imperishable precious metal. Your relationship is close, intimate…and unfussy. Your love, unadorned, is exquisite and requires no embellishment “to gild refined gold or to paint the lily or throw a perfume on the violet, “ as Shakespeare famously wrote in The Life and Death of King John.

A 10K gold plain wedding band is the most classic of symbols, universally recognized the world over, proclaiming you to belong to one another, a married couple, as one in the eyes of God. That band of gold means so much and you will treasure it all your life…perhaps even one day your son will present it to his own bride as he makes his vows before all his family and God himself, as you beam with pride and clasp hands with your husband and remember the day you chose those rings together.

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