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10K Gold Wedding Band Rings

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10K Gold Wedding Bands

Select a 10K gold wedding band to symbolize your special bond as you become man and wife. Because 10K gold contains a blend of pure gold in an alloy of other metal, it is stronger than 24K gold. The very fact of two metals made stronger and more beautiful by their bond is a perfect emblem of your love. The two of you, after all, will make vows and become as one flesh, finer, braver, stronger than you were as separate beings. Read more.

Gold itself has often been associated with sunshine and warmth and is a traditional symbol of prosperity. Throughout ancient mythologies, gold was highly prized—the legend of Jason and Argonauts centered around a quest for the famed Golden Fleece. The Book of Revelation describes Heaven as having “streets of gold, transparent as glass.” The celebrated English Romantic poet John Keats immortalized an exalted epic with the words “much I have traveled in the realms of gold,” a lofty image wrought by invoking the preciousness of gold. A sought-after metal, evocative of rarity, luxury and the streets of Heaven themselves, gold is a traditional choice for the ring that seals your wedding vows. Choose a 10K gold wedding band to wear for many happy years to come.

You’ll find that 10K gold wedding bands are available in a variety of designs and in both yellow and white gold. Whether you prefer a more modern white gold or a classic yellow gold, designs range from minimalist to ornate to suit your personality. A sleek, shining wedding ring is an elegant choice, while a strikingly detailed engraved band showcases your romantic sensibilities. A 10K gold wedding band is crafted to last a lifetime, just like your unending love for each other and the eternal vows you will make at the altar.

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