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Christian Wedding Bands

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Christian Wedding Rings: A Promise before God

When you exchange rings on your wedding day, you and your spouse each make a promise before God and witnesses that your love and commitment for each other is “till death do us part.” All wedding rings symbolize this commitment through their round, never-ending shape. However, Christian wedding rings add an extra level of meaning to this symbol, not only on your wedding day, but for the rest of your lives. Read more.

Apples of Gold’s Christian wedding rings can be engraved with entire Scripture verses. By picking one from our list or choosing one of your own that holds special meaning for you, you can infuse your ring with additional significance that will always be close at hand.

Rings that use words of faith clearly state that you believe in God and in marriage. Several of Apples of Gold’s Christian wedding rings also feature verses on the outside as well as the inside, such as:

• The "I am Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine" Wedding Band features a verse from Song of Songs engraved in graceful script on the outside of the ring. It’s a unique way to profess that two have become one.

• The "I am My Beloved's" Wedding Band takes this same verse and laser engraves it, half on the outside and half on the inside, in bold, classic capitals.

Many of Apples of Gold’s Christian wedding rings feature crosses in styles ranging from simple to ornate and modern to ancient. All serve as reminders of your Savior as well as your spouse:

• The Song of Solomon Cross Wedding Band features a simple outline of a cross on a polished flat band and can be engraved with a verse from Songs of Songs or another verse of your choosing.

• The Christian Cross Wedding Band in 14k gold simply yet unashamedly makes a statement about your faith as well as your commitment to your spouse. Crosses are engraved into this modern style, which has a satin brushed finish.

• The Celtic Cross Wedding Band features delicate diamond-engraved symbols of eternity, union and fellowship with God.

Other Apples of Gold Christian wedding rings use slightly less common symbols of the faith to communicate love for God and love between a husband and wife:

• The 14K Gold Crown of Thorn Ring features a slightly edgy engraved design on a flat band, reminding the wearer of Christ’s sacrifice for us. The Apostle Paul likens this ultimate act of love to the love a husband is to have toward his wife: “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her.” (Ephesians 5:25, NKJV)

• The Hosanna Cross Wedding Band Ring’s two-tone diamond-cut design features palm branches, a symbol of peace. This truly unique ring serves as a symbol of the peace Christ gives to us and the peace that results when husbands and wives love and respect one another.

Christian wedding rings are the perfect way to show that your marriage is centered on God. Every time you look at them, you’ll be reminded of your commitment to Him and to each other.

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