3/4 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring, 14K White Gold

3/4 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring, 14K White Gold

Item #: DSR1-075
Retail Value: 5450.00

Women's Size:

made in the USA

It doesn't really get much better than this for a 3/4 carat diamond solitaire ring. A 0.75 carat diamond ring is affordable because you're not paying the premium for a full 1-carat diamond, but you are not compromising on quality when it comes to diamonds from Apples of Gold. We use only higher-end H Color, SI2 Clarity stones (if you shop around, you'll see that many online jewelers use lesser quality stones on solitaires because of the vast competition). At Apples of Gold, we keep our margins slim, while maintaining a quality diamond engagement ring. Find out for yourself, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee & return policy.

0.75 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold

Band Width: 3mm

Also available in 14K Yellow Gold and other carat sizes.

 Diamond Information
 No. of Diamonds  1
 Carats  0.75 Carats Total
 Shape  Round
 Color  H
 Clarity  SI2


Apples of Gold Jewelry guarantees the 3/4 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring, 14K White Gold to be of high quality and an authentic engagement ring, as described above.
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