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Diamond Engagement Rings under $500

Engagement Rings under 500 Dollars »

If your budget is tight, but you want to propose with style, look no further than Apples of Gold’s collection of engagement rings under $500. These rings may be easier on your wallet than most, but they’re not “cheap”. Apples of Gold is committed to quality and all of their engagement rings are made with only the finest materials, regardless of price.

In addition to diamond rings, a number of gemstones are featured in engagement rings under $500. White topaz is a particularly popular choice as it provides a look similar to a diamond with a one-of-a-kind twist and a lower price tag.
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However, diamonds aren’t out of reach if you’re on a budget. The 1/4 Carat Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k white gold features a brilliant princess-cut diamond flanked by two smaller round stones. The curling Art Deco design carved into the sides of the band sets this style apart from other three-stone rings.

Sterling silver is an excellent medium for engagement rings under $500. Its color is similar to the much sought-after white gold and its durability makes it a good choice for jewelry that’s meant to last. For example, Apples of Gold’s Enchanted White Topaz Bridal Set in .925 Sterling Silver features a Victorian-inspired engraved design that will stand the test of time. A matching wedding band curves perfectly around the engagement ring to complete a set that beautifully says “will you?” and “I do.” Like all of Apples of Gold’s silver jewelry, their silver engagement rings are crafted from .925 sterling silver, the highest quality silver available for jewelry.

If you’d prefer white gold, several designs combine this popular metal with white topaz in a variety of stunning but cost-conscious styles:

• The White Topaz 1 Carat Art Deco Ring is inspired by the past with a style that calls to mind the designs of the 1920s. A single yellow gold opening lotus flower reveals a 1 carat white topaz, set on a white gold band with a swirling etched floral design. • If you’re looking for a stunning solitaire on a budget, Apples of Gold’s selection of engagement rings under $500 includes the 1 Carat White Topaz Solitaire Ring in 14k white gold. A single, sizable round-cut white topaz is a gorgeous alternative to a diamond. • Apples of Gold’s Enchanted White Topaz Ring in 14k white gold is a beautiful example of Victorian style. Its round white topaz in a vintage engraved setting is feminine, elegant and eye-catching.

Apples of Gold’s selection of engagement rings under $500 offers a range of options that will allow you to propose in style and on a tight budget. Whether you choose white topaz or a traditional diamond, you’ll get a ring that expresses your love with cash to spare for the wedding.

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