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Wildflowers, bright white among the green tendrils of grass, a perfect red rose for a valentine, the Biblical lilies of the field—first among natural beauties is the flower. A floral inspired diamond engagement ring is that perfect bloom that will not wither, with petals of timeless gold or silver. Read more.

Flower inspired jewelry gained popularity during the Art Nouveau movement of the late nineteenth century, when natural designs such as lush blossoms, leaves and dragonflies became fashionable—a style epitomized by the legendary stage actress Sarah Bernhardt. Later, Edwardian design favored an opulent delicacy incorporating floral motifs. The flower inspired diamond engagement ring carries this historical legacy along with its own natural elegance. With nature’s blossoms as a muse, the design possibilities are endless. A pear-shaped diamond calls forth the curving form of a leaf in the fullness of summer, while a narrow marquis stone modestly evokes the bud of a dogwood or cherry blossom in the promise of springtime. Whether a solitaire gleams like the corona of a magnificent daisy boasting a lavish halo of diamonds or a your bride favors a simpler vintage style with a motif of leaves on the band, a floral inspired diamond engagement ring is a distinctive and romantic choice.

While the Victorians conveyed subtle romantic messages through the symbolic meanings of flowers, contemporary couples may choose a flower motif that holds special meaning for them. Perhaps you met at the botanical garden near a bank of fragrant orchids on a blind date or she wore a corsage of roses when she was your date to the prom years ago—these could be the inspiration for a nostalgic and sentimental design that captures your unique love to perfection. A floral inspired diamond engagement ring will be a lasting emblem of your eternal devotion to one another.

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