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Peridot Gemstone Stud Earrings

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Peridot Stud Earrings

Peridot stud earrings may feature the August birthstone, but their lively sparkle is lovely in any month! Their vibrant color brings a burst of life to your ears as they light up your face with their exuberant glow.

As a variety of the mineral olivine, peridot seems to capture the sunshine of the Mediterranean climate in which this mineralís namesake grows. Its light green sparkle, evidence of the presence of iron, seems to capture the essence of growth and life and convey it with gorgeous glimmer. With just a hint of gold, this stone calls to mind the leaves of a tree on a summer morning, as rays of sun reflect off of countless drops of dew. Peridot stud earrings are versatile and timeless ways to incorporate this unique color into your wardrobe. Read more.

Peridot has been used in jewelry for thousands of years and its ability to communicate life has been loved around the world. Some historians think that Cleopatra was a fan of this vibrant green gem, and the Romans gave it a nickname: ďthe emerald of the evening.Ē Peridot gained this moniker for its ability to appear the same color in any lighting condition, even under the dim, artificial lighting that illuminated the evening. Today, peridot stud earrings are a lovely way to display this unique property, as well as to add a pop of lively sparkle.

Peridot is a semiprecious gemstone, and it provides a more affordable alternative to the classic green precious gemstone, the emerald. Itís not just a stand-in for those on a budget, however! The unique hue of this gemstone canít be matched, and it provides one-of-a-kind glamour thatís able to wake up your look with its refreshing glimmer. carries peridot stud earrings with a number of stone sizes, allowing you to add a small touch of lush color or one thatís a bit more noticeable. You also have your pick of standard push backs or screw backs, so you can choose a pair thatís comfortable in your ears and that fits with your lifestyle.

Peridot pieces with white gold or platinum settings add a cool touch that gently gleams, while those set in yellow gold seem to be bathed with an extra dose of sunshine. Regardless of which metal strikes your fancy, peridot stud earrings infuse a timeless style with a sense of life and light thatís hard to ignore.

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