Unique Solitaire Diamond Wedding and Engagement Rings

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Unique Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

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That single, perfect stone that captures the light and refracts it in tiny brilliant rainbows, the diamond whose scintillation is as breathtaking as the hope you cherish for your future together. A unique diamond solitaire wedding or engagement ring is the seal to your promise to love one another forever, a statement to all to see that your love is unlike any other. No common ring could ever symbolize the special bond you will sanctify before God and family on your wedding day. Read more.

The solitaire engagement ring is a classic, always elegant and never out of fashion. The diamond became an exalted symbol of betrothal in the Renaissance when the rarity of diamonds, available only from India at that time, made them very prestigious and the hallmark of an aristocratic match. Diamonds are the hardest stone, known in the Bible as ‘adamant’ and mentioned in Ezekiel, “As an adamant harder than flint have I made thy forehead: fear them not,”…there could be no more perfect recommendation for the choice of a diamond solitaire than the assurance that the diamond represents strength and you need have no fear. Your love, it seems to say, is impervious to storms, strong and sure. A unique diamond solitaire engagement or wedding ring will embody the essence of your extraordinary love.

Attend to the details of your unique diamond solitaire engagement ring, selecting a modest, delicate band to showcase the bright stone if it suits the bride’s own personality, or find a vintage inspired setting with ornate details for a more distinctive tone. Take the time to find the exceptional setting for your special engagement ring. The purity of a single, proud diamond crowning a distinctive band will adorn her hand and remind you both that she was first your bride, and you promised her all of your life on earth.

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