Get Hammered: Rings of Distinction! 

TI-N22-Set1CLet’s get married again! Years ago, when we first came together, we weren’t sure where we were going with “us.” Now I see that we were always just where we needed to be. Everyone told us it wouldn’t last, but we knew they were wrong. I always knew that I just needed you and you just needed me and our love would pull us through. Thanks for staying right there with me through the years. Now let’s celebrate and renew our vows! And let’s do it with new wedding bands as tough as our love is. Titanium so strong they make aircraft with it, evenly hammered to a unique textural touch, giving this classic charmer a new interest, but still as traditional as our wedding vows. Superior strength, lightweight, and never rust or tarnish! Band measures 4mm – 10mm wide with a contour fit. Titanium Hammered Wedding Band Set



Honey, to say that you are the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid WED-QQCeyes on seems like flattery, but I guarantee it isn’t. You are the epitome of beauty, for you are the kindest human being I’ve ever met. I say this not because I’m madly in love with you, but because every word is absolutely true. It’s so rare to find such a perfect combination in one person, and I am the luckiest person alive to have met you. This Platinum Hammered Wedding Band has double edges, with high polished, platinum borders. The unusual texture is produced by evenly disbursing the hammered finish to give it a classic, simple, yet elegant finish. Perfect way for me to say I love you now, and I always will. Also available in 14K White Gold, 18K White Gold, or any other color combination by request.


This 8mm Platinum Hammered Wedding Band stands the test of time, like our love. I knew with you here beside me, I’d always be strong, and that’s the way its always been. Always. Like the beautiful platinum ring, sculpted and hammWED-PA-8Cered to be uniquely textured and original in a truly classic silhouette, our love has the hallmark of quality, too. Band measures 8mm wide and 2mm thick, and is available in 4mm width and 6.5mm width and other  widths by request. Comfort fit design. Also available in 14K White Gold, or 18K Gold.


Darling, happy anniversary! It’s been years now, since we pledged our love to each other and promised we’d stay together come what may. Our vows promised each other that through tough times and WED-PA-8YCjoyous times, we’d cling tightly. I look at you now and know that destiny had designed us for each other. That’s why today I have a special gift for you. A new wedding band, made of 14K yellow gold, precious like our love. This 8mm Hammered Wedding Band has felt the pressure of the pounding that has made it more beautiful with an unmatched elegance that matches the times of life I’ve enjoyed with you. The lovely band measures 8mm wide, and is also available in 4mm width and 6.5mm width and other  widths by request.

Comfort fit design, also available in 14K White Gold, 18K Gold or Platinum.



How rare it is to find your best friend and lover in the same person! You are that person to me, and I love you deeply. You’ve always been WED-PA-4Cthere for me, and I remember vividly the day I woke up and realized I was madly in love with you! What joy to find that my love was vested in not only the perfect woman, but my very best friend, too! Now I am asking you to be with me always, and we have exulted in knowing that we have chosen each other. With that, let’s choose a unique wedding band that will be all that and more to us as we realize that rings symbolize forever. This cleanly sculpted, 4mm Hammered Wedding Band is crafted in 14K white gold, and is also available in 8mm width and 6.5mm width and other  widths by request. Comfort fit design. Also available in 14K Yellow Gold, 18K Gold or Platinum.



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