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Aquamarine Rings: Sparkling Spring Color on a Budget

princess-cut-aquamarine-ringLooking to wake up your look this spring? A piece of vibrantly-colored jewelry could be just the thing to add a pop of fun and sophistication! While gemstone rings of many kinds can offer this wardrobe-elevating benefit, those that feature vibrantly-hued semiprecious stones are often the best picks if you’re on a budget.

A single piece of jewelry can do much more to bring spring to your look than a single piece of clothing. While you might wear a new shirt once a week and might even wear a new pair of jeans more often than that, a striking gemstone ring can be worn every day of the week, providing you with more bang for your buck.

Aquamarine rings are an excellent way to add a lively hit of sparkle to your look day after day, and their light, refreshing sparkle assures that they won’t be relegated to the back of your jewelry box anytime soon. Case in point: this gemstone has been admired for thousands of years by civilizations around the globe, from the Sumerians to the Egyptians, and the ancient Roman philosopher Pliny said that aquamarine “has charms not to be denied.” This stone has been going strong for millennia, so it should have no trouble adding colorful glimmer to your look all season—and all year—long.

The light blue hue of aquamarine calls to mind the clearest sea, with a sparkle that resembles the reflection of the sun off of the water. This mesmerizing hue is simultaneously soothing and invigorating, making gemstone rings that feature aquamarine perfect for both night and day. They’re just as suited for a Saturday brunch as they are for an evening out.

Pictured Top/Left: Princess-Cut Aquamarine Ring

Despite its relatively low price tag, aquamarine is actually a member of the same family of gemstones as the emerald, and as such, it’s rather durable. Thus, aquamarine rings are not only affordable, but also lasting picks that you’ll want to slip on spring after spring.

Whether you’re a fan of simple, classic designs, vintage styles or show-stopping modern pieces, there’s an aquamarine ring that’s the perfect accent to your look. For instance, Apples of Gold Jewelry carries a wide range of styles from understated to bold that provide the perfect pop of affordable spring color no matter what sort of jewelry meshes with your personal style.

If you’re a fan of looks with timeless class, try a solitaire or three-stone aquamarine ring that lets the gemstone take center stage. Or, up the glamour with a piece that combines a sizeable aquamarine with diamond accents for a look that’s just a timeless, but even more dazzling. If feminine antique-style jewelry is more your thing, try a gemstone ring that features aquamarine in a design that’s inspired by the Victorian Era or the Art Deco period.

Aquamarine rings in any style are the perfect spring accents, and they’ll be just as lovely many springs from now as they are this season. Try one for sparkling spring color on a budget.


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