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Titanium Wedding Bands: Strength and Sleek Style on a Dime

blue-titanium-wedding-bandGold or platinum may be the first metals that come to mind when you think about wedding jewelry, but there’s a relative newcomer on the jewelry scene that’s quickly becoming a favorite. Titanium is an affordable metal that possesses a number of unique properties, and these properties make titanium wedding bands excellent picks for couples on a budget who aren’t willing to sacrifice strength or style.

Why are titanium wedding rings such stellar picks? First, they’re incredibly strong: the metal from which they’re crafted is used in aircraft and was even utilized on the International Space Station. This fortitude makes titanium wedding bands fitting ways to represent the fortitude of your love. Their strength allows them to hold their shape well and makes them highly resistant to dents and scratches, rendering them excellent symbols that your commitment to one another can withstand the storms of life.

Despite their strength, titanium wedding bands are remarkably lightweight: although titanium is stronger than steel, it weighs 50 percent less. In addition to making it a metal of choice for the aerospace industry, this unique combination of qualities allows titanium wedding rings to encircle your finger without weighing it down.

Another benefit of titanium wedding rings stems from their non-reactive nature. They won’t tarnish, rust or corrode over time, making them easy to care for, giving them lasting sheen and reinforcing their ability to represent the resiliency of your love. In addition, since titanium is a pure metal, it’s an ideal pick for anyone with sensitive skin. Titanium wedding bands are naturally hypoallergenic and can be worn by those with nickel or other metal allergies without causing irritation.

Pictured Top/Right: Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band

Of course, all of these qualities wouldn’t mean much if titanium wasn’t a great-looking metal! Titanium wedding bands have a cool gray sheen that’s the ultimate in modern sophistication. When polished to a high shine, titanium is simply radiant; when given a satin finish it exudes an understated sense of class.

Despite all of these desirable qualities, titanium wedding rings are remarkably affordable! These rings can often be purchased at just a small fraction of the cost of their gold or platinum counterparts, making them budget-friendly picks for both the bride and the groom. For example, at Apples of Gold you can purchase one of several gplain titanium wedding bands for under $150 and a host of designs for under $300!

While titanium wedding bands are often thought of as pieces for the groom, there are plenty of styles that would beautifully complement the engagement ring on the bride’s hand. Titanium wedding rings come in a range of styles, from those with sleek stripes to pieces that feature Celtic knot motifs. If you’re looking for rings with a pop of color, you can even try a style that features a design created with colored titanium oxide. Or, choose a black titanium wedding band for a look that’s unexpected but undeniably cool.

For couples on a budget, it’s hard to beat titanium wedding bands! These rings provide both strength and sleek style on a dime.

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