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How to Get the Best Deal on White Gold Wedding Bands

white-gold-wedding-bandsAre you planning on tying the knot soon? If so, you’ve probably been on the hunt for the perfect wedding bands. But, how do you get a good deal?

A 2012 survey conducted by David’s Bridal found that over half of brides are cutting their budgets; however, numerous surveys have shown that even when couples cut costs, they don’t want to cut corners when it comes to their wedding bands. For many, this translates to purchasing rings that are made of the finest precious metals and that are meticulously crafted—ones that will remain beautiful no matter how many decades pass.

White gold wedding bands are popular picks for couples looking for rings that will retain their beauty for a lifetime. These bands have become modern classics, and they remain favorites for many for their cool, versatile sheen. Although white gold wedding rings are considerably less expensive than bands crafted of platinum, they’re still pieces that require a significant financial investment. If you’re planning a wedding on a budget it’s crucial that you know how to get the best possible deal on these enduring symbols of your love.

Pictured Top/Left: Braided Wedding Ring

There are two components to getting the best deal on white gold wedding bands: getting high-quality rings that will last, and getting them for an excellent price. First and foremost, seek out wedding bands that are well-made so that you won’t be hit with the cost of repairs or replacements later on—a ring that doesn’t last is no bargain. While buying something of quality can save you money in the long rung when purchasing nearly anything from shoes or a purse to a car, it’s especially important when you’re shopping for the piece of jewelry that will grace your left hand for a lifetime.

Second, seek out a good price. Many jewelers mark up their wares to double or even triple their wholesale value, and when you’re making a major purchase (such as buying white gold wedding bands), these markups can result in a huge dent in your wedding budget. Finding a jeweler that doesn’t abide by these standard prices can help you save. For example, the markup on the jewelry sold at is an average of 40 percent below retail—and this includes a wide range of wedding bands. This company works closely with wholesalers and manufacturers to have orders made on the spot, and they pass on the savings they reap from their low inventory costs to their customers.

Buying a matching wedding ring set for the bride and groom can provide additional savings as a set often costs less than the same rings would cost when purchased separately. If you haven’t selected an engagement ring yet, opting for a coordinating engagement ring and wedding band set for the bride can also save you some cash—not to mention take the guesswork out of selecting two rings that complement one another.

You don’t have to cut corners on your wedding bands to cut your costs! Look for quality rings at an excellent price to get a true bargain.

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