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Diamond Bridal Sets: Three Ways These Pairs Symbolize True Love

03-18-2013 antique-style bridal setAll wedding bands represent love as their circular shape creates a picture of affection and commitment without end. However, diamond bridal sets provide several extra shades of significance as they combine an engagement ring that features the most resilient and resplendent of gemstones with coordinating wedding rings that create complete and unified symbols of love that has no limit. Let’s look at three ways that these gorgeous pairs represent the beauty and fortitude of your bond.

1 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut Floret Diamond Bridal Set

1. Together, a coordinating engagement ring and wedding band are more beautiful than either could be apart. While each ring in each of these sets is lovely in its own right, when you see a set in its entirety, it’s clear that the two rings in it were designed for each other. In the same way, two people living as one are better together than they are apart, and sets such as the 1 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut Floret Diamond Bridal Set are perfect for celebrating this kind of love. This Victorian-style pair combines Apples of Gold’s most popular engagement ring with a striking wedding band that reflects its design and amplifies its beauty.

0.95 Carat Diamond Swirl Engagement Set

2. The two rings are complementary despite their differences. Two completely identical rings wouldn’t look nearly as nice together as the different but complementary rings in each of these diamond bridal sets. Like a husband and wife who bring out each other’s strengths, the pieces that comprise these pairs bring out the best in one another. For instance, the engagement ring and the wedding band in the 0.95 Carat Diamond Swirl Engagement Set are clearly different, but they work together, each making the other seem more beautiful as they curve in an eye-catching modern swirl.

1.69 Carat Antique Style Diamond Bridal Set3. The hardest of gems represents the strength of your love. No gem is as resilient as a diamond, able to withstand wear and tear and to remain beautiful in spite of it. Diamonds serve as symbols of love that is able to endure the storms of life, and that only comes out stronger and more precious on the other side. The unfading beauty of these timeless gems makes them the perfect stones to represent your undying commitment and affection, and their brilliance serves as a continual picture of the way that your heart has been set aglow.

Styles that feature a multitude a diamonds, such as the 1.69 Carat Antique Style Diamond Bridal Set, are particularly powerful symbols of the fortitude of your love. This stunning pair of rings places a one-carat round diamond in a prominent position, overlooking over 160 small round stones. These dazzling channel-set gems cover three sides of both bands, creating a look that reflects light from every visible angle. Delicate beaded edges offer the perfect finishing touch to this vintage design as they peek out from in between these rings’ abundant sparkle.

Diamond bridal ring sets are undeniably beautiful, and the symbolism they contain makes them even greater treasures. Consider one of these pairs to serve as a symbol of your true love.

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