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Silver Wedding Bands for Women – From Simple to Ornate

silver wedding bands for womenWhen it comes to jewelry, everyone has a personal preference. Although following the heart is important when buying any type of jewelry to include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more, this is especially critical when choosing a wedding ring. While some women like big and lavish jewelry, others prefer the more traditional band style. If you are among those who lean toward traditional jewelry but also need to stick to a limited budget, we strongly encourage you to consider silver wedding bands for women.

More than Just a Wedding Band

As you begin looking at different silver wedding bands for women, you will be pleasantly surprised by the vast number of choices. Of course, you can go with something plain if wanted but keep in mind that there are also silver bands with beautiful designs, gemstone embellishments, and even combinations of other metals. Simply put, no matter your preferred style or available finances, you will have no trouble in finding several silver wedding bands for women that you love.

bible verse wedding band ring in sterling silverFor sake of example, a brief description is provided below for a few of the more popular silver wedding bands for women sold today.

  • Floral and Paisley Design – This particular ring could have easily come right out of the Victorian era, a time when ring design and style represented societal position. Around the exterior of the band is a beautiful and perfectly crafted floral and paisley design. While ornate, the design is not gaudy. Instead, the romantic design gives the ring a rich look and feel.
  • Special Message Design – You will also find gorgeous silver wedding bands for women that feature a special message of choice. You have multiple choices of style but to help the message stand out, a wide ring with a smooth polished surface works best. The great thing about silver wedding bands for women such as this is that you are at liberty to choose the message. For instance, you might go with a romantic quote, a word or phrase secretly shared with your fiancé, or even a Bible verse close to the heart.
  • Inside/Outside Stamp Design – Among the unique selection of silver wedding bands for women is one that boasts both an inside and outside stamp design. As with the special message ring, you have the freedom to choose the stamps. For instance, the design might consist of a beautiful cross on the outside and Bible verse or loving quote on the inside. Another example is to have a cross stamped on the outside and the names of the bride and groom or the date of the wedding on the inside.

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