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Diamond Platinum Wedding Bands

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Both platinum and diamonds have been referred to as “forever,” and when the most precious of metals meets the stone that has long said “I love you,” a thing of true beauty and worth results. Platinum and diamond wedding bands are the ultimate symbol of lifelong love—a love that’s a rare treasure.

Platinum is a truly precious metal: it’s 30 times less common than gold and has a stunning white color that’s prized by many lovers of fine jewelry. Its rarity makes it an ideal medium to represent a love that is hard to find and truly treasured. Read more.

There’s no questioning the allure of a diamond, with its brilliant, colorless sparkle. Diamonds are considered by many to be the ultimate in precious stones, and when they’re set in platinum, they add an extra sense of exclusivity. Together, platinum and diamonds communicate that your love is of untold worth and endless value.

Apples of Gold carries platinum diamond wedding bands in several styles, allowing you to express the rarity of your relationship in a way that fits your taste perfectly. Flat brushed bands accented by a single diamond provide an incredibly sleek, sophisticated look in several platinum diamond wedding bands. Or, choose a ring that features numerous diamonds in a number of styles.

Platinum is a perfect partner for diamonds: its naturally bright, white hue doesn’t cast any of its own color onto the gemstones set in it, allowing their full beauty to shine. In addition, it never fades or tarnishes, meaning that it will look just as amazing a generation from now as it does today.

Both platinum and diamonds are incredibly long-lasting, making platinum diamond wedding bands the ultimate in heirloom-quality jewelry. Since platinum is more 60 percent more dense than gold, it’s resistant to wear and won’t change its shape over time. All of Apples of Gold’s platinum wedding bands are crafted from 950 grade platinum, the highest quality used in jewelry.

In addition to their appeal for style and quality, platinum diamond wedding bands are excellent choices for anyone with sensitive skin. Like all platinum jewelry, these rings are hypoallergenic and won’t irritate even allergy-prone skin.

The enduring appeal of both platinum and diamonds assure that platinum diamond wedding bands will never fail to gorgeously communicate your lasting love. These rings are the ultimate way to declare that your love is a treasure and that its beauty will never fade.

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