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Sterling Silver Topaz Jewelry


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Sterling Silver Topaz Jewelry

Sterling silver topaz jewelry is not merely reserved for ladies lucky enough to be born in the month of November, whose birthstone is the precious topaz of a golden-russet color. Topaz itself ranges in hue from perfectly clear or diamond-white to the nearly sapphire tone of London blue topaz and even a clear, bright pink. Blue topaz is the state gemstone of Texas and evokes the color of that wide western sky and the bluebonnets bobbing their petals in the summer winds. Pink topaz was originally found in Russia during the 19th century and was so coveted that only the Czar’s family was permitted to wear it…and those fortunate few to receive an imperial gift of pink topaz jewelry. Read more.

Sterling silver topaz jewelry can showcase the stunning range of the gemstone’s colors, providing a setting slim as a twirling wire for earrings or richly carved as a Victorian-style ring. Pink and silver are a cheerful pairing for a young girl, or as a sweet gift for an expectant mother about to have a little girl. The pale blue topaz would, conversely, be an ideal present for the mother of a little boy or a woman who favors blue as her color of choice. The deep London blue topaz speaks of sophistication and boldness and is shown to advantage in a dramatic setting, while white topaz is a lovely accent with diamond-like sparkle. The cool, pale silver is an effective foil for the richness and warmth of precious topaz, whose name comes from the Hebrew word for heat or fire and in the Greek form referred to an island in the Red Sea where such minerals supposedly originated. Both the “topaz” named in the Bible (which historians believe denoted what we know as peridot) and the chrysolite mentioned by Pliny—a famed historian of the times of the Book of Revelations—were stones in the foundation of the New Jerusalem—the seventh being topaz (peridot) and the ninth chrysolite (orange topaz) in the NIV.

The fiery orange of precious topaz is striking on a redhead or strawberry blond and adds a distinctive touch to a simple ensemble from an elegant cocktail dress to a casual blouse and khakis. Extraordinary and versatile, sterling silver topaz jewelry is a gorgeous addition to your jewelry wardrobe.

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