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Jewelry Gift Ideas

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Topaz Silver Rings

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Silver Topaz Rings

The most commonly known topaz is precious topaz with its signature russet hue, the traditional November birthstone. While a silver ring of precious topaz is a lovely gift, topaz is hardly limited to that shade. Available in the bright, exuberant colors of cherry blossom pink, sparkling ebullient white (which looks as though it is the twin of a diamond), sun-drenched golden orange and vibrant sky blue, silver topaz rings have plenty of shimmer to suit any personality. Read more.

Youthful pink, so feminine and joyful, is also a reverent color. The color pink in the Bible is considered by biblical scholars to represent love for Jesus and also calls to mind the Rose of Sharon. Blue topaz, ranging in hue from the pale tone of a spring sky rinsed with rain to the deeper London blue, could be construed to reference God’s chosen people, the Israelites, or to symbolize Ezekial’s assertion that the throne of David shall be of sapphire blue. The white topaz is the purest naturally occurring form of the gemstone and as a consequence of its coloration and brilliance, is easily equated with purity of heart and purpose. Silver topaz rings can bear special meaning when the color of the gemstone is chosen to reflect the values of the recipient.

Silver topaz rings are crafted in many styles to reflect the individuality of the wearer. Colored topaz gemstones are bold enough to stand alone in a simple silver setting and yet they can ornament a detailed Art Deco or Victorian piece with demure grace. Consider the style and interests of your beloved—if she reads historical romance novels and dotes upon costume dramas, she might be a romantic who would love an intricate vintage design while the lady who enjoys crime dramas and biking or running might prefer a simpler, more modern style. There is a silver topaz ring to delight every personality and taste.

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