Best Wedding Rings of 2022 

Each year brings new fashion ideas to the jewelry industry. We have compiled a list of the best wedding rings of 2022 for men and women that have grabbed the attention of our customers and inspired them on their Big Day.

Braided Wedding Rings

Braided wedding bands continue to top the list of best sellers and unique fashionable designs in all precious metals, from white gold to contrasting two-tones to platinum.

Braided wedding ring designs repeatedly inspire and grab the attention of both brides and grooms because of their versatility in style and attraction for both male and females. They are both intricate and delicate and strong and masculine at the same time, making them a perfect matching set for the newly wed bride and groom.

Braided rings are unique and meaningful because of the strands of gold or precious metal that are woven together to symbolize the eternal bond of marriage.

Celtic Wedding Rings

Another popular style that our customers made popular in 2022 and beyond are intricate knotted Celtic wedding bands. Celtic rings hold a lot of value and meaning for many Americans and those with Irish, Scottish, Welsh and British descent.

Celtic wedding rings come in a variety of knotted designs, such as your traditional Celtic knots as well as Triquetra (or Trinity knots), pretzel knots or classic Claddagh wedding bands, among other styles.

These traditional and historic wedding rings are handmade with real substance and weight to give them the quality such meaningful and important styles deserve.

Hammered Wedding Rings

In our wedding rings of 2022 picks, hammered wedding bands continue to outshine many styles of wedding rings on the market. Their rugged, individual style is perfectly suitable for both modern men and women with a subtle but strong sense of style.

Hammered wedding rings are attractive to people wanting something slightly more rugged and durable that will take a few knocks and dings. The hammered style hides scratches and imperfections from natural wear and tear over time, as flaws blend into the organic, hammered design.

Did you know that jeweler’s chisel makes the hammered design that adorns these high-end rings? They are often chiseled by hand to create a unique design each time they are made.

Christian Wedding Bands

Jewelry that expresses your deeply held and personal religious beliefs was no stranger to wedding rings of 2022. We saw an uplift in Christian wedding bands this year and expect this trend to continue onwards indefinitely.

Cross wedding bands and other Christian jewelry items make for deeply spiritual and impactful wedding rings that will endure through generations of use. Such heirloom pieces with spiritual meaning can be passed on to your children and grandchildren, making them valuable and meaningful in ways we cannot fully fathom.

The Bible tells us to place God first in everything we do and to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives. What better way than to allow your wedding jewelry to symbolize that Christ is at the forefront and center of your marriage?

Paisley Wedding Rings of 2022

Paisley wedding bands have been popular since vintage times and even earlier in various artwork and cultures. Their intricate and beautiful designs are awe-inspiring for both men and women.

Paisley designs have been used for royalty to the very fashionable and make for affordable wedding ring designs that will continue to remain in style through the years and decades.

Being vintage in nature, you never have to worry about them going out of style, if you like a more intricate pattern of ring design.

Floral Wedding Bands

Those endowed with a special love for nature or flowers will love the floral wedding bands that have made the grade in our wedding rings of 2022 collection.

Vines, flowers and petals adorn these rings, making beautiful and breathtaking. Designs can be both feminine and masculine because of the quality and substance of handmade rings.

All the designs shown are available in both men’s and women’s ring sizes.

Unique Wedding Rings of 2022

You should want your wedding rings to be unique expressions of yourself. Some like plain wedding bands, other like designer pieces, others look for something spiritually meaningful, others just want something that expresses their creative and artistic personality.

Rings like the one featured above, the two-tone two-halves wedding band ring, from Apples of Gold Jewelry, symbolize the union of husband and wife cleaving to one another in marriage. “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.” – Ephesians 5:31.

Find a wedding ring style that best suits your sense of style and is personally meaningful to you, no matter where that selection takes you.

Titanium Wedding Bands

The modern era brought us versatility in jewelry designs and 2022 wedding rings are no exception.

When titanium wedding bands first came out, they were mostly machined in foreign nations and consisted of very basic and plain styles because of the hardness of titanium wedding rings.

Since then, technology has allowed us to create some really stunning and intricate designs, right here in the U.S.A.!

American-made titanium wedding bands for men and women from Apples of Gold Jewelry come in a variety of designs, from plain to hammered to Celtic and are even accented with colors that make the designs pop and come to life, from green to blue to black and various hues.

Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum wedding bands continue to be immensely popular in 2022 and beyond due to their high quality, low maintenance, high value and unique characteristics, such as their hypoallergenic qualities.

Much like titanium, platinum jewelry designs have come a long way from basic, plain platinum wedding bands. Now, there are many intricate and unique designs, including all of the styles we discussed above, from Celtic rings to braided wedding bands, hammered and more.

But what makes platinum jewelry unique, in addition to its hypoallergenic nature (for those with gold, silver or nickel allergies) is their high-end and high quality properties.

Whether you are considering a platinum wedding ring or platinum cross pendants or other designs, platinum rarely has to be maintained. Unlike white gold which requires re-rhodium plating from time to time, platinum is naturally a white metal needing no rhodium plating.

Platinum is also a high-end precious metal making it more valuable as an investment, but also more costly. Expect to pay 3-4x more for platinum than you would for gold wedding bands.

Silver Wedding Bands

In our analysis of our sales for wedding rings of 2022, we saw a comeback of silver wedding bands. Partly, we believe, because of their lower cost, but also because of the higher end designs now available in sterling silver.

Does the above ring look familiar? It’s the same braided wedding ring we started with. Such versatile styles can be made both as white gold wedding bands as well as silver at approximately half the cost or less.

The only disadvantage of a silver wedding ring is that sterling silver tarnishes over time. Some like the black patina that naturally occurs over time in silver jewelry. Others prefer to have it polished and cleaned. With a little tender, love and care you can keep your silver wedding ring looking white, but it will require some maintenance.

Plain Wedding Bands

Finally, there is always room in our wedding rings of 2022 line up for classic, traditional plain wedding bands. One thing we can say for certain is that these styles will never go out of style and have already withstood the test of time.

Plain wedding bands may be better because they are low maintenance, virtually indestructible and well suited for those with a more subtle or subdued taste who don’t want anything too flashy or obvious.

We usually recommend a 4mm band for women and a 6mm band for men (or wider if you prefer something wider). Plain bands come in a variety of widths and precious metals from 2mm to 8mm or greater. You can also shop plain white gold wedding bands to yellow gold, platinum, titanium or sterling silver.

Simple wedding bands like a basic polished ring also symbolizes the eternal union of marriage in its continuous design and the simplicity of loving your husband or wife in all circumstances or until death do you part.

We hope this short wedding bands style guide has been helpful in guiding you into making the right selection for your wedding ring, whether you are shopping in 2022, 2023 or the decades to come. We’ve chosen styles that will never go out of style and have been best sellers in our collection for many decades!

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