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Perhaps the most momentous event in a man’s life is bending down on one knee and asking the woman he loves to spend the rest of their lives together. The romance of the proposal and engagement are certainly cause for celebration, but it only hints at the greater joy that comes with wedded matrimony. After the guy pops “the question,” there are a million more that follow in order to make the wedding a reality. One question that’s often overlooked is what kind of wedding ring does the groom want? Often the couple focuses on the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band, but mens wedding rings are just as important when it comes to wedding planning. Read more.

Men’s Celtic wedding bands are a unique and meaningful change of pace from traditional wedding bands. Their designs are simultaneously strong and flowing, making them the perfect symbol of two lives traveling through life together, able to withstand any storm. Celtic knots appeared by the 5th Century AD are best known for their use in adorning Christian monuments and manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells. Although the original meanings of Celtic knots are unknown, they’ve been adopted by many as symbols of eternity, making them perfectly suited for wedding rings. Their never-ending, intertwining designs are unique representations of two lives being woven together for life.

There are thousands of jewelry options out there for men, but only one jewelry retailer has the best styles at the best prices. is the source for mens wedding rings. Their vast collection of bands is the best way for a guy to find the most comfortable band while still looking suave. The options for mens wedding rings has expanded quickly in recent years by offering bands in not only traditional metals, like gold, but also titanium and cobalt. At, there’s a ring for every man out there.

Guys who go for gold among mens wedding rings will find this metal never goes out of style. For an urban twist on an old classic, guys should check out Apples of Gold’s 14K white gold design that includes a brush finish center flanked by two roped rows. The band is sealed with dual polished edges that keep a guy looking good. A comfort fit that conforms to any finger adds to the appeal. The ring is also available in 18K white gold, yellow gold or two-tone gold upon request. The variety of texture and class in this ring make it an easy winner.

For gentlemen looking for the best blend of affordability, durability and style, there’s the Cobalt Chrome Cross Ring. This band is a standout among mens wedding rings. Cobalt is a hypoallergenic metal that won’t leave any fingers turning funky colors, but it still provides a high luster. It also boasts incredible strength--several times stronger than platinum, gold or silver, making it shatter-proof and scratch resistant. This ring features a brush satin finish that gives a subtle glow, not too bright and not too dull. The band is encircled with Celtic crosses, making a nod to heritage without sacrificing style. At 10mm wide, this ring means business but is also built for luxury with a comfort fit band. With this mastery of craftsmanship and metalwork, you can’t go wrong.

Give the groom a gift of high quality, one-of-a-kind style with any mens wedding ring from the Apples of Gold collection. There’s no better occasion to select a ring of style and substance than the celebration of marriage. Their abundant designs in all sorts of metals make Apples of Gold the obvious pick for all your mens wedding ring needs.

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